About Clinical Research

What is a clinical study?

Clinical research studies are done to test study drugs to see if they can treat certain diseases. The studies help doctors see if these drugs are safe to use and if they work to improve people’s health. Before any study drug can be approved and made available to the public, it must go through clinical research.

Doctors who help with clinical research must follow a very detailed study plan called a protocol. The protocol explains each step that must be taken during the study. These steps help to make sure the study is being done correctly and that people who participate in the study are kept as safe as possible. The study doctor must get a person’s permission (consent) before that person joins the study. The doctor must fully explain the study and answer any questions. Joining a study is completely voluntary and a person who joins a study can stop being in the study at any time for any reason.

Why join the study?

People participate in clinical research studies for a variety of reasons. Some may participate because they want to learn more about their disease. Others volunteer to participate because they want to help researchers learn more about a disease to maybe help themselves and others in the future.